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We are the tool that gives context to your remote creation experience

Knowing what everyone is up to, when they arrive, leave, stop for lunch, see the teams meeting, enter a room and discuss the project each invididual is focusing on, remotely alert someone with a paper airplane to call attention to something the group needs... you will experience all this and more when you join nubii.

Virtual office space with avatars free and busy
Video conference remote event  with users having their cameras on and on the right user in a virtual sponsor booth

nubii’s goal is to help you develop your new corporate culture

OKR, photos of colleagues, games for generating ideas to improve or generate processes, services and products, sending large files, sharing passwords in private or maintaining corporate documentation while designing onboarding processes for new team members.

Video conference in our meeting rooms

Meeting rooms for team members. One-to-one or group discussions in meting rooms. Just step into the rooms and start talking with your colleagues.

Two users video conferencing, a chat pop-up, and all of it in a virtual meeting room
Can you talk? Busy?

Now you will have context about what everyone else is doing in the office. Understand when they are out for lunch, when they arrive, if they are in a meeting...

Two avatars in the virtual office space and on the right a drop down menu with remote culture tools
Multiplayer toolkit

Company photos, share files, OKRs, one-time-passwords, fast polls, ...

A toolkit with different options to choose: one time password, polls, office reservations, company photos, okr, company wiki, ideas stock
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