This is what is going on

I am working for a 100% technological company. We develop innovative projects for other companies and our own ones as well, which become companies. There it is our value, on these companies we create using the experience we get from working on innovative projects.

I live in United States and our company has presence more or less representative in Spain (Mainland and Canary Islands), Colombia, United States, Mexico and Argentina (and we are starting in Germany with the first recognizor).

This is what I’ve seen and what I think:

  • Productivity has increased from 15% to 20%.
  • We were already working remotely. But many companies have discovered it these days. What is interesting for us is that many clients too. They had no choice but to do everything remotely and have discovered ¡oh, wow!, if it is you don’t need to “smell” each other too much, everything or almost everything can be done remotely!
  • In our sector, our ecommerce clients have asked to double their resources, others have started their pending digital projects and many others have opened new channels.
  • The big multinational tech companies have made more money than they expected (FaceBook 18%, Microsoft in some divisions have done in two months what was planned for two years, AirBnb, Uber etc. They have suffered but, because of their business model, and zero assets they are able to compress without big losses and will be able to expand).
  • The old retails in USA have accelerated some predictions, with or without virus… we already have 3 bankruptcy declarations and more are coming (well, I finished writing this post on May 9th and another one fell last night).
  • Avianca has just declared bankruptcy in the USA.
  • Electronic games are rampant. eSport is maturing by the day. Hours of games are shooting up, professional use is shooting up.
  • Televisions in the USA are increasing the hours of sports events broadcast. is fuming.
  • goes from 2 to 300 million users. Along with it, video conferencing and collaborative work tools such as, MS teams or
  • In online shops, home exercise machines have disappeared. NINTENDO switch and virtual reality glasses have had an unexpected explosion.

All of this is actually easy to write up, because that’s what has happened. However, the consequences of this situation, what is to come, is more complicated to predict. In spite of that, I am going to play it in an aspect: the denominated “gig economy”, that is to say, the jobs generated by companies like GLOVO, UBER, Deliveroo, etc. are going to be the salvation of many people. With this I do not want to get into the controversy of the type of job profile to which it leads. More or less fair. I simply predict that, together with the underground economy, it is going to live a golden age, which will feed many people, until it is finally regulated, which it will be.

Things are changing at a dizzying speed. We are living weeks that will be studied in the years to come. It is time to be vigilant.

As Theodore Roosevelt said in the late 19th century, in difficult times, the best thing you can do is to do the right thing, the second best thing you can do is to make the wrong decision, but the worst thing you can do is to do nothing.