We want to make a unique remote working experience, combining tools and technologies in a virtual space where consolidate all te corporate culture strategy. Let's play the change.

A remote worker at nubii - Alvaro

Hello! My name is Alvaro and it seems like I’ll be talking about myself a little bit in this post. I guess I’ll start with my background. I’m 21 years old, and was I born in Madrid, Spain. I lived there until I turned seven when I moved to Greenwich, Connecticut b...

Happiness and remote work

Miami - Sanibel

A virtual event has taken place this week in the Canary Islands repeople.co

Nacho (Ignacio Rodríguez) and his team have been able to organize and execute an impressive event. This time, the event has been remote (with attendees from all over the world...

Brilliant dumbs

Miami- Gran Canaria

Although it has always existed, it was just since some years ago that the concept of corporative culture has become more popular.

There are many ways to define it. One of them that I like pretty much, comes from one of the founders of NETFLIX (we will quot...

This is what is going on